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to the man who loved my mom:

A year has passed since you left this world. Some days it feels longer, and other times I lose my breath like I just got the call.

Your memories and voice flood my mind every day; will I smile with pride knowing you loved me enough to add me on your family tree? Or will I cry because I will never again hear you say. “I am so proud of you”?

Did I tell you enough how much I loved you, or tell you thank-you for always believing in me. To me you are so much more in my life than just a step-dad. When you arrived in my life, given the circumstances, you never questioned whether you were a father figure to me. I on the other-hand liked to question your authority and throw out the “you’re not my parent” card more times than I would like to admit. Those adolescent years were tough, often the hard times are forgotten, but I guess that just means the good times were that much better. As years passed you were the first to call and say congratulations on any job promotion. You believed in me; gave me words of advice that neither of my parents could say, encouraged me to take the road less traveled, and taught me to “look out for number one” as you’d say. Yet, you always looked out for me, only wanting the best.

I can look back now as a parent myself, and really appreciate the tough times, I cannot help but stand in awe that you still loved me. Did you know you didn’t have to? You didn’t have to be there for me when I was 1100 miles away from home, crying on the phone because life is hard. You didn’t have to get in a motor home and drive across the country, spend a week with me, and we both teared up when you left. YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO DO ANY OF IT… but you did! All you had to do when you said “I do” was love my mom. Luckily for me, you did so much more!

Being a step-parent does not get the recognition it deserves. You STEPPED into my life, impacted the person I am today, and left me with memories I will never forget. For all that, thank you for being an amazing dad!

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